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TTerry Wong
Wedding Day / Events / Products / Commercial Photography

“I was a Graphics and Media Design graduate from HK IVE, and studied further into Multimedia Design in HK Polytechnic University. Accumulated some solid experiences from graphic design projects and video production works during the time working for production companies and various government departments.

These experience and knowledge summed up into a benefit when we provide consulting service to our clients, I get more involved with creatives and ideas, and my photography skill in products, landscapes, venues, and portraits, played an important part in the projects.”

Personal Portfolio on Flickr

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JJordan Yim
Pre-Wedding / Wedding Day Snapshot / Commercial Photography

“I Went to school and college in England, and studied further into Graphics and Media Design in HK IVE when I came back to Hong Kong. I Have been working as graphic designer, web designer, and interactive producer in different design, marketing firms and boardcasting companies. When I first became a real designer I always have this in my mind – although I did not have a clue where it came from: Photography is an essential skill for designers.

That’s how this all started, skills and knowledge was all self-taught, have been living with different cameras for 10 years and it became my hobby, soon it turned into my career. Over all these years I have developed my style although some of the experts might not agree because I don’t follow the same rules they have learned in photography.”

Personal Portfolio on Flickr

即將成為新娘子和新郎哥的妳和你, 為了一生中其中一輯最重要和最珍重的 Pre wedding 照片, 當然需要精挑細選, 即使平常沒所謂也該挑剔一次了! 尋找拍攝 Pre wedding 的攝影師當然最重要是你們喜歡的拍攝風格和手法, 懂得捕捉珍貴的時刻。我們喜歡利用自然的光線和拍攝現場的光源, 在這些不由我們控制的光源會隨時間、方向和各種不同原因一直慢慢改變的同時, 我們可以在構圖上思考更多不同的可能。

每輯 Pre-wedding 都需要有其獨特性, 每對新人的個性化元素, 便是整輯 Pre-wedding 的靈魂, 以您們的性格為基礎, 把您們真摯的一面留下。

我們深信, 再美麗的婚紗禮服將來都會有看起來過時的一天, 但由心的笑臉是不會被時間所沖淡。盡情地跟你的另一半興我們享受這一天悠閒 (或是瘋狂) 的拍攝旅程!


拍攝婚禮和婚宴, 是一門 “在適當時機按下快門” 的藝術, 大多儀式和動作都不能重來, 懂得拍攝每個決定性的瞬間便是我們所長, 為你們記下那些開心和感動的時刻, 讓作為婚禮主角的你們, 在忙碌過後能回味朋友以笑容帶來的祝福。

跟不同的相機相處了十多年, 每次按下快門, 短短的百多份一秒, 我們都享受著世界凝固的那一瞬間。 而拍攝 Pre wedding 和婚禮, 都令這一瞬間的意義變得極有價值。固然我們希望當你們看見照片時感到滿意和高興, 但更希望的是十年後, 廿年後仍能夠由我們拍攝到的每個 “一瞬間“, 回味到今天婚禮時的感動。







Photography is life. Love. Last forever.